4 reasons to consume turmeric

About turmeric… Turmeric, also known as saffron of the Indies, has been a valued super-food in India and China for ages now, due to its several medicinal virtues.  It was traditionally used as a food additive to treat digestive disorders, to relieve skin or inflammatory diseases and to regulate menstrual disorders. Additionally because of its […]

Faire aimer le brocoli à vos enfants

5 Easy Recipes to Make your Kids LOVE Broccoli!

We asked our followers what was the healthy food their kids hate the most… and the answer didn’t surprise us that much: BROCCOLI What can you do to make your kids eat more broccoli?Because the thing is: consuming broccoli on a daily basis is good for you as this green veggie has so many health […]

The Best Hostess.Host Gifts for Christmas_1

The Best Hostess/Host Gifts for Christmas

Holidays mean: happenings, fun times with all the family and friends and food excess… No wonder why it’s my favorite time of the year 😉 But you know each year, I almost forget to buy the gift that is, in my opinion, the most important: the hostess/host gift!Receiving all the family, friends, colleagues, etc. – it […]

Christmas cocktails

3 Easy Christmas Cocktails / Mocktails For All Tastes

Looking for cocktails that are truly delicious AND easy to make? If you want to impress your friends and colleagues with alcohol free cocktails, read this article!(We’ve indicated how to make them alcoholic for those of you who prefer them that way. And all these drinks are good WITH OR WITHOUT alcohol!) Here are 3 […]

How to do a juice cleanse properly

How to do a juice cleanse properly

Having a healthy lifestyle is becoming not only a trend (a rather beneficial one), but a necessity as well. Juice cleanse is a detoxifying process that is characterized by drinking fruit and vegetable juices during a certain amount of time (that can go from several days to several weeks). It is beneficial for the entire […]


Why you’re doing your celery juice cleanse wrong

Celery Juice… Is it really magic? 🐰🎩 After Super Kale, meet Super Celery!!! Celery juice is definitely THE thing right now in the fascinating world of clean and natural eating🌿 And we totally get it! It is known to help reduce stomach inflammation, slow some cancers, lower blood pressure, hydrate skin and much more. It is […]

The things you should consider when looking for a plant-based milk alternative

For a few years now, demand for alternatives to dairy milk has been increasing.  Whether it’s for health purposes or environmental concerns, more and more people – vegans, vegetarians or simply flexitarians – are replacing cow’s milk with: soy milk, nut milk, coconut milk, oat milk, legume milk, etc.  But how do you choose a […]

La liste Dirty Dozen_les légumes et fruits non bio que vous ne devriez pas manger_1

Dirty Dozen List: non organic veggies and fruits you should never eat

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t… but not all non organic fruits and veggies are equally contaminated by pesticides and chemicals. Some fruits and vegetables are safe. However, some shouldn’t even be touched with a stick 😂  They contain too many pesticides. This is why every year, the Environmental Working Group creates the Dirty Dozen list which states the […]

Quinoa and cashew mousse breakfast bowl

Quinoa and cashew mousse breakfast bowl by Loounie

Leader of the plant-based movement for years, Caroline Huard has become a reference for flexitarians, vegans and vegans-to-be. Better known as Loounie, this former occupational therapist is an Instagram sensation where she shares yummy recipes and lifestyle tips with her loyal community. Recently, she was invited to become a regular panellist for Radio-Canada’s radio program Bien […]

see what the recipe looks like

Overnight oat Jar

Ingredients : Base 2 heaping cups of raspberries   2 tbsp of Black Chia seeds Overnight oats 2 cups of DOSE almond milk 1 cup of oats (fast cooking type) ½  tsp Pure Vanilla extract ½ tsp of cinnamon 1 to 2 tbsp of maple syrup, to taste Choice of toppings Chopped fruits (ex: persimmon, apple, banana) Shredded Coconut […]