Pina Colada Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan Piña Colada Ice Cream Recipe

Many people stop themselves from making homemade ice cream because they think they need a machine. Yes, it is true that these special machines make delicious ice cream but, believe me, they are not always necessary!  For example, for this recipe, you will only need a blender and nothing else! The texture obtained is perfectly creamy and the taste is delicious. For this frozen snack, […]

Sucettes glacées faites avec nos Jusé

Healthy 3-ingredient Ice Pops

Summer is here and time to enjoy ice pops too! These 2 recipes are really simple and easy to make. The key? The main ingredient is a Dose Juice. Thanks to these juices, you don’t have to worry about what to put in your homemade Popsicle. They don’t contain added sugar or lactose, they are […]

Refreshing Protein Tropical Smoothie: Pineapple & mint

The creation of this summery pineapple smoothie recipe is inspired by the current situation for 3 reasons. Have you noticed how many people have started gardening lately? Well, I don’t know for you, but my social medias are full of posts and stories of people showing the hard work they are putting into building gardens. It is probably to keep themselves busy during the summer while we are still unsure […]

Example of the green smoothie recipe

Greens, Mango & Basil Smoothie Recipe

Vegetables are well-known to be one of the healthiest foods to consume for many reasons. Especially the green leafy ones! They are so popular because they contain a beneficial concentration of vitamins and minerals as well as being low in calories which make them very interesting nutrient-dense foods. You should consume them on a daily basis. Making your own smoothie at home allow you to ingest a considerable number of veggies and is a quick […]

Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Super Easy!)

Who does not like bananas and strawberries?  You might be thinking of someone who doesn’t but there will always be one!  😉   One of the most classic combination. Those fruits are packed with goodness and both mixed together is even BETTER. This is our homemade version of strawberry banana smoothie with only 5 simple ingredients.   Ingredients:  ½ cup of frozen […]

Hemp Salad in a Hurry

Hemp Salad in a Hurry

Hemp seed is a true superfood that serves as an excellent source of plant protein with nine essential amino acids. Filled with minerals and essential fatty acids, it helps boost the immune system, decrease bad cholesterol, feed the brain, and favour optimal cardiovascular health. In celebration of salad season finally (almost) being upon us, we […]

overnight oats 1

Overnight oats

A quick and healthy breakfast option you can just grab and go – no more excuses. Prepped ahead of time, your groggy morning self won’t have much else to do but enjoy. ½ cup gluten free oats1 cup almond milk2 tbs chia seeds½ a bananaHandful of strawberries Mix oats, almond milk, chia seeds and banana […]

How to make almond milk 1

How to make almond milk

Finding alternatives to regular milk has become much easier nowadays. Not very long ago, soy milk was the popular option on the street. Ordering a “grande soy pumpkin spice latte” was definitely en vogue and perceived as an indulgence turned healthy treat. However, as we’ve come to learn with time, soy can allegedly cause hormonal […]

DOSE menu Chai Gingerbread Shake

Chai Gingerbread Shake

December is well on its way and you’ve probably already noticed the plethora of candy cane flavored this and spiced eggnog that. None of which have many health benefits to go along with their sweetness. We took it upon ourselves to find a treat fit for the season, but just as fit for your digestion […]

Hot Curry Vegetable Soup 1

Hot Curry Vegetable Soup

This winter has been cold, very cold. And it’s far from being over (our apologies to those in denial). Before you cave and break any of your healthy resolutions over a bubbling pot of cheese fondue, we bring you our answer to that seemingly unbeatable chill: a very Hot Curry Vegetable Soup, adapted from Tara […]