Cocktai lel petit jardinier

The Little Gardener’s Cocktail

Who says heat … says garden! Who says heat … also says cocktail? We have the perfect combination for you: The little gardener’s cocktail! 😉 

Once more, Mother Nature strikes hard in Quebec! We started May with our winter coats on and now comes the end of the month and we reach temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius. 💦 This dear mother nature surprises us once again! 

Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to cool off while enjoying this beautiful weather! Whether it is for a virtual 5@7 or in your backyard (but always 2 meters away from any other human being!) we have a new tasty recipe to quench your thirst. The combination of one of our cold-pressed juices, BASIL and the surprising St. Laurent Gin citrus is offered to you for our greatest pleasure! We are really happy to collaborate with the wonderful team of La distillerie du St-Laurent, another great company from here, more specifically from Rimouski which specializes in the production of “eccentric spirits inspired by the sea” to use their words. 

So here it is for the best refreshing cocktail recipe: The little gardener’s cocktail. 

4 ingredients, 3 simple steps, 2 minutes and 1 delicious cocktail. GO! 

Equipment for the little gardener: 

  • ½ oz of simple syrup* 
codl-pressed juice the basil
cold-pressed juice BASIL

Prepare to harvest! 

  1. Put all the ingredients in a shaker to mix with ice 
  1. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds 
  1. Filter into a pre-cooled glass 

*Optional if you feel like it: Garnish with fresh basil leaves. 

St-laurent gin citrus
St.Laurent Gin Citrus from la distillerie du st-laurent

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The little gardener's cocktail
The Little Gardener’s Cocktail

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