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Organic cold pressed juice is our art. Learn more about our #AllForMelons campaign.


Nothing Else

That’s right! Dose is dedicated to providing you with nothing but the ideal complement to a healthy lifestyle: raw & organic cold-pressed juice. Every bottle of DOSE Juice is cold-pressed, which means it is not heated, heat pasteurized or chemically treated. By applying thousands of pounds of pressure, our juicer keeps all of the nutrients intact, allowing your body to quickly absorb everything. We strive to source locally as much as possible and encourage local organic farming. DOSE Juices are made with raw and certified organic fruits and vegetables - nothing else.

Raw & Certified Organic

Cold Pressed


A juice for everyone

Each person has different needs and tastes. That’s why we’re constantly working to bring you new juices with more benefits. Now with eleven varieties and counting, surely you’ll find one that will enliven your path to better health. Here are our favourites to get you started.

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Build your own tax-free pack

A great way to discover the variety of cold pressed juices we have to offer, or simply stock up on your favourites. This new custom feature allows you to build your own pack of six or eight, and benefit from a tax-free order.

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Dose cleanses

The balanced cleanse is as suitable for veterans as it is for beginners. With a healthy "Dose" of fruits, vegetables and protein, these juices will sustain you throughout the day and provide your body with a gentle detox.

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More on Dose

Run by a small Montreal-based team, Dose is dedicated to providing you with the ideal complement to a healthy lifestyle. You can find them riding around town in the Dosemobile or out researching the next Cold Press Daily post.

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