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One Week Without Coffee: Mission Possible

I stopped coffee for 7 days and here’s how I survived…

By Jeneviève Brassard

My guilty pleasure is morning coffee, warm with a cloud of cream, right before my 5km run. 

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As a freelancing mother of three, coffee is vital for my sanity. When DOSE challenged me to replace my morning coffee with their cold-pressed juices for a week, I thought it might be time to say goodbye to my vanilla hazelnut treat.

Positive and zen, I embarked on an adventure!

Wednesday; the severance begins. I open up a SAMBA which I avidly drink. Perhaps I should have read the ingredients before… Beets are an unexpected surprise in the morning, but the bottom of the bottle reveals itself quickly. I loved my first juice. Unfortunately, for me, no coffee implies headache. Despite the surprising SAMBA, I couldn’t escape it.

Thursday; the humidity is overwhelming. Nevertheless, I drink a bottle of BASIL and go running. It isn’t the best morning for a run but I can’t blame this delicious cold-pressed juice or my lack of coffee. Running in the summer isn’t as fun as you might think. The heat and humidity are my enemies this morning.

Friday; TAXI was the kids’ favorite. My patience was at -1000 due to my lack of caffeine, I surrendered to their incessant request to give it a try. They kept asking for more but I had to keep my energy to myself for my squat exercises, in the house this time around.  

Saturday; CACTUS was my revelation of the week. What a refreshing juice! I consider myself to have a healthy diet, but I have to admit that I still want to eat more fruits and veggies. The more we eat them, the more we like to eat them! No headache this morning… Finally! I’m on fire: 5km run, 30 minutes of training plus 10 minutes of abs. Clearly, the withdrawal symptoms have passed and the energy is back on track.


Sunday; the day after. I wake up with my stomach tied up in knots as I had quite a few drinks the night before. I assure you that the tasty TANGO has worked miracles! It is far better than a simple carrot juice. Not only was my tummy satisfied but my taste buds were also quite pleased and I was re-energized in no time.

Monday; I have a good dose of energy this morning. I’m not sure if FOCUS gave me a boost and motivated me to perform but I went for a longer run than usual. Even my recurring energy drop in the late afternoon wasn’t as bad. I’ll take it!

Tuesday; I had been warned that the 100% green juice YOGI could come off a bit strong. That’s why I saved it for last. I have to say, I was indeed surprised, even destabilized. Adjustment time: 2 sips! Because it is really delicious, just not in the morning. I would have it in the late afternoon like in this article. Between freelancers, we understand each other!

Despite the surprising and delicious DOSE cold-pressed juices, I still felt dependent on the coffee for the first couple days. But I assure you that this will pass. I can confidently confirm that with DOSE juices in the fridge, changing your habits won’t be in vain! 

You too would like to replace your coffee with cold-pressed juices?

Coffee is not the only way to boost your energy level in the morning! Many people drink cold-pressed juices when they wake up so they can conquer their days without feeling tired. That’s why we created the 2 Weeks Challenge pack! Drink a juice each day, for 14 days, and see the difference: More energy during the day; No more crash during the afternoon… so more productivity; Get the nutrients your body need; Drink your fruit and vegetables on-the-go; Boost your immune system… so less time sick in the bed!

By Jeneviève Brassard

Here’s the “2 Weeks Challenge” pack from Dose Juice

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