How to make almond milk 1

How to make almond milk

Finding alternatives to regular milk has become much easier nowadays. Not very long ago, soy milk was the popular option on the street. Ordering a “grande soy pumpkin spice latte” was definitely en vogue and perceived as an indulgence turned healthy treat. However, as we’ve come to learn with time, soy can allegedly cause hormonal imbalance. With this discovery came soy’s decline, which allowed almond milk to step into the limelight.

How to make almond milk 1
How to make almond milk 2
How to make almond milk 3

This wonder beverage has been steadily increasing in popularity and is now an option at many of your favourite coffee shops. That being said, as with many things that rapidly gain in popularity, chemicals and additives can be found in a lot of the commercially available almond milks, and unfortunately, can even make their way into your own favourite homemade recipe. Essentially, finding pure almond milk is not an easy task, but don’t despair, we have a recipe for you whose purity will win you over with one sip.

Follow these steps:

  –Soak 250ml to 375ml raw European almonds (Californian
almonds are pasteurized, therefore not raw) for a minimum
of 8 hours.
– Blend the soaked almonds with 1l filtered water, coconut
oil (for smoothness), maple syrup (for a touch of sweetness),
and ground vanilla bean (for a perfect taste).
– Compress the mixture using a nut milk bag to extract as much
milk as possible, along with all the goodness.

Wondering how to put the leftover pulp to good use? Gluten free cakes – à suivre.

When Raph made almond milk for the first time, we were blown away by its rich flavor. You could taste the raw almonds as if you were biting into one. The coconut oil and vanilla bean added a smoothness and taste beyond any almond milk we had tasted prior to this one. Needless to say, we were immediately hooked and wanted to share this glorious beverage with you all.

Although it is quite a long and laboring process, the result is well worth the work.