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Smoothie StrawberryHill 300 ml – Organic vegan smoothie (300ml)

This smoothie comes from our Upcycle line: we reused the pulp of our fruits & veggies to create it! Help us reduce our waste, get all the fibers your body needs and do it all without losing time blending… We did it for you!

Banana and strawberries have always been a winning, tasty, combination and this smoothie is no exception. It has the sweetness of strawberries, the smoothness of bananas and the “superpowers” of flax. Concretely, you’ll get a boost of omega-3, tons of antioxidants and of course 10 grams of vegan protein. Try not to become addict!😌

Ricemilk (water, organic sprouted brown rice protein), cold pressed (apple, lemon), strawberry, banana, organic beet pulp, organic flax seeds.