The Snack Pack (300ml)

The snack pack is perfect for anyone with a small appetite who need a breakfast on the go or an excellent snack in the afternoon. It is the perfect meal for breakfast / a quick lunch / a snack in the afternoon or after a workout. Like all our products, it only has natural ingredients and nothing else. Of course, it’s entirely vegan. Are you going on a hiking trip? Bring MATCHA 2.0 as a snack during your ascension. Having a hot yoga session? Take MATCHA 2.0 after, it’s the ideal refreshment full of the proteins you need. Going to the gym to lift some weights or do some running? MATCHA 2.0 is a perfect after training meal because of its macronutrients.

Contains : 8 x Matcha 2.0 ( Apple, Banana, Avocado, Cucumber, Mango, Rice protein*, Flax, Lime, Kale, Matcha and Chlorophyll)

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