Expert Green Juice – 8 Pack (300ml)

You feel bad because you think you don’t eat enough veggies? You feel like you should eat salads or soups on a daily basis but you just don’t find the time to do so? Of course, you eat a few veggies every day but you want to bring your consumption to the next level? (Because every time you go to a restaurant, you realize there are never enough veggies options… It’s not your fault!)


We have something for you. Look at this list:
Cucumber, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, parsley, lemon, ginger and health (okay that’s not an ingredient, but you know what we mean).


This is the ingredients list of our YOGI juice; our best-seller green juice!


This list alone should be enough to convince anyone to drink YOGI. You get a massive quantity of vitamins in a little bottle, just look at those nutritional facts! Plus: you challenge yourself to drink a juice that tastes like REAL greens and that contains no sugar added (only 3g of natural sugar per bottle). This juice is made for all the real health seekers out there!


The Expert Green Juice Pack contains 8 YOGI; enough to cover a whole week of green juice consumption.
Let us know how you feel after this week!


WARNING 1: don’t buy this pack if you’re used to super sweet beverages (it’s no KOOL-AID!) and juices made from concentrate.


WARNING 2: it could provoke a little bit of bowel movement at first if your body wasn’t used to veggies. Go go regularity!!!


When you receive your juices: they are good for 20 – 25 days(before opening).


Always delivered fresh in a insulated box with ice. Guaranteed freshness for 24 hours in this box.


Does not contain any added sugar, only green vegetables, lemon and ginger.
Contains : 8 x Yogi (Cucumber, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger)

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