Intro Smoothie Pack (300ml)

It’s about reducing our waste.

It’s about taking care of the environment.

It’s about taking care of yourself.

The Upcycle Pack is all this! Instead of getting rid of the pulps we accumulate after juicing, we transform them to create 4 different smoothies. This pack is a way to help us and help the planet of course… but it’s also a way to facilitate your life. Because who has time for blending a nutritious and fresh smoothie every morning? Especially when you have to go to work, drop the kids at school and/or go to the gym? We blended it for you. Plus, they contain about the half of the daily fiber requirement and we added 10 grams of an organic vegan protein to help you stay full and therefore more focused on what really matters; that big presentation you’re planning, that exam you’re studying for, that athletic competition you are attending.

Sincerely, from the planet and your body, thank you.

*** NO SOY. NO DAIRY. ***

Contains : 2 UpBeet, 2 Bright Side, 2 Green Light, 2 Strawberry Hill

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