Celery – Organic cold pressed juice (300ml)

$7.50 CAD $5.99 CAD-20%


Celery – Organic cold pressed juice (300ml)

$7.50 CAD $5.99 CAD-20%


Here’s CELERY!!! 

For a limited time, we’re offering this super trendy green juice to all of you.

Little warning here: it tastes saltier than YOGI, our 100% green juice, but it’s still freaking refreshing (drink it cold, obv.) ❄️ 

Already used to YOGI? Drinking CELERY will be easy-peasy. 

Mostly a fan of our fruit juices like TAXI, ZEST and TANGO? Be aware that you might need some time to adapt. However, it’s 100% worth it!

What’s the big deal with this celery juice trend? 

For a few months (maybe a few years now), people from all around the world have been drinking this green beverage first thing in the morning and claiming many health benefits! 

Is celery juice a miracle potion that’ll give you wings or give you the power to read minds?

Of course… not. We’re not in Harry Potter⚡️ (sorry about that by the way).

BUT, the organic celery in this cold-pressed juice is a source of vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium, which respectively helps maintain a good skin condition, promote oral & dental health, develop and preserve strong bones and healthy teeth.

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