2 Weeks Challenge Pack + Proteins (300ml)

This pack contains Upcycle smoothies: smoothies made with the pulp we accumulate from the fruits and veggies we use for juicing.

Smoothies + Juices? Oh yes! A new challenge just for you. We mixed our cold-pressed juices and our vegan smoothies (no soy, no dairy) to offer you an exclusive deal. Coffee is not the only to boost your energy level in the morning! Don’t have time to cook yourself some healthy breakfast or nourishing snack? Depending on your hunger, take a juice or a smoothie to fill you up and energize you. Drink one bottle per day for two weeks straight: full vitamins, enzymes and minerals. A way to save time and stay focused on what truly matters!

Contains : 2 UpBeet, 2 Bright Side, 2 Green Light, 2 Strawberry Hill, 2 Focus, 2 Taxi, 1 Samba, 1 Tango

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