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Beginner Cleanses

Beginner Cleanses

All our beginner cleanses

The Purity Cleanse is the more fruity one. The refreshing taste of the Taxi our famous pineapple juice and the Tango our carrot juice loaded with vitamins will be greatly appreciated during your detox. The green juices and smoothies will bring you lots of nutrients while keeping this fruity taste that our taste buds love. The Basil lemonade will be your little pleasure of the day thanks to its delicious taste of basil, the hydrating properties of maple water and the innumerable benefits of chia seeds.

The purity cleanse is the perfect one for a first time 😉

Delivery available in Quebec and Ontario Tuesday to Friday.

On the island of Montreal your cleanse will be delivered between 7am and 9am.

Get your cleanse delivered 48 hours after your order in Toronto !