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We’re always here to help. Dose is run by a small Montreal-based team, dedicated to your healthy lifestyle. Questions, comments, or feedback? Give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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Who is Dose?

Dose is a small, Montreal-based team that began introducing the city to their juices in the fall of 2013. The team itself consists of members from all professional backgrounds, but with a common passion for healthy living and entrepreneurship.

Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring but are always on the lookout for new community members that have a shared passion for juicing, healthy living, and growing a young startup. Send us an email at

Press / PR inquiries

Dose Juice has been featured in Elle Quebec, Clin d’Oeil, Ricardo, Vero mag, La Presse, Journal de Montréal, La gazette, Salut Bonjour, Radio Canada and many other blogs. for its unique business model, creative aesthetic, and standout product. If you’d like to find out more about the company for a potential feature or collaboration, email us at

The Juices

Cold-pressed: what does it mean?

All of our juices, smoothies and nutmilks are cold-pressed, which means that they are not heated, heat pasteurized, or chemically treated. By applying thousands of pounds of pressure, our Cold-Press juicer keeps all of the nutrients intact.

Heat pasteurized: what does it mean?

Heat pasteurization, no matter how “lovingly” or “gently” it is done, results in a juice that has been effectively heated (thus, cooked), killing essential vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes. We never apply heat on any produce or juices.

How is my home juicer different than Dose’s presses?

Traditional blenders spin at extremely high speeds, extracting juice via blades that grind and chop. This process creates friction and heat which kills vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes. Our juices are made with a cold-press machine which is known to extract up to five times the amount of nutrients as most other juicers.

Do you source local produce?

All of our produce is organic and raw, and we are working constantly with local farmers to bring in local produce. However it is not realistic to find organic pineapples in Canada…. YET. lol

Is everything really organic?

Yes. One cannot use the term organic on its labels if it is not certified. We have always used organic ingredients, but now we have the stamp of approval that we always do. We are proudly certified organic by Ecocert Canada ( USDA organic and Canada organic). Without certification a product is not guaranteed organic and you may be getting less for your money.

What is the shelf-life of the juices?

We are able to extend the shelf life of our sealed juices thanks to pressure without the use of any preservatives or additives. Immediately after each production, our juice bottles are put into a pool of cold water where thousands of pounds of pressure is applied for several seconds. Colorfully speaking, it’s as if we brought our juice bottles at the bottom of an ocean of 60 km deep – if there was such an ocean of course. This process seals the freshness and keeps the concentration of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and the delicious taste of raw fruits and vegetables. Our juice then retain 30 to 45 days of shelf life depending of the flavors as long as they are sealed and refrigerated. We guarantee a minimum of 15 days when you receive your juices. The expiry date is written on the bottle.

For how long can I drink my juice once opened?

Once opened the juices are to be drank within 4 days but ideally when you open the juice you want to drink it right away to maximize nutrient intake… Separation is a sign that no homogenizing agents were added and only natural ingredients were used. Shake well and enjoy.


All our juices may contain traces of nuts.

I noticed a white deposit in my juice is this normal?

The white deposit you may notice in your bottles of Tango, Cactus, Yogi and Samba is completely natural. It is the natural setting of cold-pressed ginger. Shake your delicious juice and enjoy the taste of a delicious cold-pressed juice with a touch of ginger.

Why does the taste or the color of my Dose juice may vary?

At DOSE we use organic FRESH fruits and vegetables to make our cold-pressed juices. Depending on the season, the color and taste of the raw fruits and vegetables may vary and therefore our juices too. They are of course approved by our quality team, that is why they always taste so delicious. We were telling the truth, in our juices we only use fruits and vegetables, there is nothing that might affect what mother nature has to offer.

Why did my juice separate after some time?

This is one of the most common phenomena with freshly pressed juices, and it’s a sign that the juice you’re drinking is made with all-natural produce. It’s always a good idea to shake your juice before consuming it. We never use any chemicals or homogenizing agents.

Counter-indications (diabetes, blood thinners, etc.)

In any situation where a medical condition comes into question, it is always best to contact your doctor or health care provider. If you have any type of medical condition that affects the way you eat or drink, consult your doctor before any cleanses or detoxes.

How much weight will I lose?

Although Dose juices were not designed to make or be part of any weight-loss program, they can have that effect. By adding raw and nutritious juices to your diet, you will naturally begin craving more fruits and veggies, and less processed, sugary foods.

Juice cleanse

We offer you various juice cleanses that consists of drinking 10 juices/day to replace the majority of your meals and snacks. Avoid coffee and any processed foods – opt for herbal tea and lots of water instead. If you feel hungry listen to your body, you can eat raw fruits and vegetables and nuts. Read our complete guide to a juice cleanse here Cleanse guide

Orders & Billing

Will I receive confirmation of my delivery and order?

All orders and deliveries are confirmed via email. Once your order is placed a detailed statement will be sent for you to review your information. You will also receive a confirmation via email when your juice is shipped. Please use these confirmation emails to review and validate your shipping information as you are responsible for its accuracy.

What if I made a mistake in my billing or shipping address?

You are responsible for the exactitude of your billing and shipping information. The latest time to perform a modification is 48 hours before your shipping date. No changes will be processed beyond that time and deliveries will be handled according to your original request. Dose cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of a package shipped to the wrong address.

What if no one is home at the time of the delivery?

In order to allow you to get your order as soon as possible all our deliveries follow a No Signature Required policy. If you suspect no one will be there to accept your parcel, we strongly suggest you fill the Delivery Information box in order to provide us with the precise location you would like your boxes to be placed on the premises. If the location is considered unsafe (ie. Entrance on the sidewalk of a busy street) the delivery team can decide not to drop the parcel and make a second attempt the following business day. Dose cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of a package left unattended as per your request.

Do you keep my credit card information?

We do keep credit card information saved for subscribed users in order to facilitate the renewal of their scheduled orders. All credit card and billing information is stored securely, making it easy for you to make your weekly juice orders but is not visible to us. Said information is stored in relation to the email profile created at signup and/or checkout. This information can be modified or removed at any time through your profile.

When will I be billed?

Your credit card is billed at the time of checkout for a one-time order. All recurring orders are billed on the Saturday preceding your delivery. For example, if you order a Taxi for every Wednesday, you’ll be billed immediately for the first, and every Saturday afterwards.

How do recurring orders and deliveries work?

Living healthy and being part of the juicing community is not a one-time thing. Avid juicers do it multiple times a week, and we’ve built the platform for them to do so. Choose to repeat any order at any frequency and we’ll handle the rest. Remember: Deliveries are available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Can I change, delay, or cancel an order?

Yes, however, the latest time to perform a modification is 48 hours before your shipping date. No changes, refunds or cancellations can be treated beyond that time and orders will be processed according to your original request. If you’d like to make any changes to an existing order before the cut-off, send us an email at and we’ll promptly handle your request.

Refund Policy

As our products are perishable, we are unable to offer returns on our made to order boxes. If your are not satisfied with products purchased on our site, please contact us at within seven days of the date your delivery was completed. We may ask for photographs or any other supporting information as evidence before providing a replacement. Depending on the circumstances, we may, in our sole discretion, replace the product at our expense.


How can I modify, reschedule, pause or cancel my subscription?

You are in full control of your subscription. If you want to modify its content, change delivery date, put it on hold or cancel it simply email our customer service at . We’ll make sure to apply the desired changes promptly. Do note that we cannot modify orders or subscription renewals once the delivery date is less than 48 hours away. No changes, refunds or cancellations can be treated beyond that time.


How much does delivery cost?

We deliver to most areas of Quebec and Ontario. Delivery is free on orders over 98$ (after coupon). For more information visit the “delivery” page.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to many regions of Quebec and Ontario. Consult our delivery guide to see if your postal code is in our delivery zone. If you get an error message do send your full address to our customer service at so we may evaluate if we could reach you, as we are constantly expanding our shipping zones.

Are there any stores or pick-up points?

No, but you can find our juices sold individually in various location: cafes, grocery stores (Walmart Supercenter, IGA, Avril …) and fitness studios all over Canada. Visit for more info. Follow us on Facebook to know where we will go next.