FAQ Cleanse

Sleep & Energy
Feeling sluggish at work? Having trouble sleeping? Alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulants can take a toll on your body. A juice cleanse is the perfect way hit the “reset” button and get back to a healthy, good night’s sleep.
Confident Complexion
A juice cleanse is like a shock of nutrients and vitamins to your system. With your vitals running on high, your skin will glow, your hair will look healthier, and you’ll get a “taste” of what healthy eating can do for your confidence.
Digestion & Wellbeing
By skipping that greasy lunch in favor of nutritious juices, you’re allowing your body’s detoxifying organs to take a little breather and recover. The boost of enzymes and minerals helps your body abolish those excess toxins. A little spring-cleaning never hurt, right?
What is a juice cleanse?
Simply put: the best way to let your body do its natural thing. A Dose cleanse comprises a daily juice schedule that will effectively replace a day of unhealthy choices with delicious, cold-pressed juices that are loaded with raw fruits and veggies.
Why should I do a cleanse?
Cleansing is making the choice to press pause on your hectic schedule, and letting your mind and body reset. We think of the cleanse as a way to get back to your roots and to redirect your cravings.
When should I do a cleanse?
Everyone’s different, and everyone craves a cleanse at different times of the year. It’s no secret that springtime is most popular because we’re all trying to get back to man-kini form. Once every season, every month, or after any period of indulgence is a safe bet to keep your motor running smoothly.


Binge-eating the night before might sound like a good idea, but you’ll probably regret it. Try to eliminate caffeine, alcohol, red meat, dairy products and processed foods a few days in advance to get on the right track.
To make the ride as smooth as possible, ease up on your exercise routine, and listen to your body. If you get hungry, stick to nuts, fruits, and vegetables, and go for herbal tea instead of coffee. Drinking 1L to 2L of water is an important part of the cleansing process. Stay hydrated!
Again, don’t head out for a Big Mac to celebrate finishing your cleanse. Try and stick to the same wholesome and raw foods, with the slow addition of rice, beans, meat, and dairy. A Dose juice or three wouldn’t hurt, either!
** You will receive a cleanse guide by email when purchasing your CLEANSE.