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6 Reasons to Drink Green Juice

Mostly or entirely made with green vegetables, green juices are great ways to consume more of the amazing nutrients that come from green veggies. Below are 6 reasons you may want to include this beverage to your daily routine.  

1. More vitamins and minerals 💎 

Drinking cold-pressed juices that are made with green vegetables is a simple way to increase your daily intake of vitamins and minerals.  

2. Makes you feel energized 💥 

Being a good source of vitamin C, which plays an important role in the metabolism of energy, green juices can give you a boost. Unlike coffee or other stimulating products, green juices can help you maintain a stable energy level throughout the whole day without the undesirable late-afternoon crash (2).    

3. Supports a glowing skin ✨ 

Vitamin A is well known for supporting good skin condition. Most green vegetables are packed with vitamin A and, therefore, green juices are an excellent source of this vitamin. 

Green vegetables juice challenge
Jessica Hoffman aka @choosingchia tried the 14 days green juice challenge

4. Promotes a healthy immune system 🛡 

Many micronutrients (such as vitamins A & C) are essential for the immune system to generate new cells, reduce inflammation and to protect you against viruses and infections. That’s why a diet rich in nutritious foods such as green vegetables is a great way to support your immune system (3).  

5. Supports bone health 🦴 

Once again, green vegetables such as spinach, kale and parsley all contain vitamins A & K that both play a “key role” (get it? 😉) in bone health (4). 

6. You like it! ❤️ 

For its benefits or simply for its taste! It is important that you choose to drink it because it makes you feel good about yourself.  

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