I Tried Plant-Based Protein Smoothies Every Morning For 2 Weeks

Here’s how it went…

By Chrystelle Pasquet

Life is full of surprises; I’ve become a “guinea pig” for the last 14 days! For 2 weeks, I’ve tested Dose’s plant-based protein smoothies. Here’s the story of my adventure. 

If I could describe myself with one word, I’d say “disorganized”! I’m 48 years old, I have four kids, I live with a man who is as little organized as I am and I’m ADHD. Despite my 25 years as a mother, I still haven’t found any instruction manual that explains how not to feel overwhelmed. My lame sense of organization works a little but I still neglect important things such as my diet…

I also have to live with the side effects of my ADHD medication which suppresses the appetite. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to eat without being hungry but that’s really painful. What if these smoothies could help me boost my poor diet?

The first touch

The kind delivery guy gave me my order in person. The box was filled with the four flavors of smoothies: Matcha, Bright Side, Strawberry Hill and Upbeet. The bottles were worth a look; super colorful and flashy. I made a special space for them in my fridge and warned my nosy son not to touch them.

plant-based protein smoothies

The rendez-vous

I always skip breakfast… so I chose to drink the smoothies as a morning snack, at 10AM. I got to admit that I’m also very peaky about tastes and textures… Here’s why, on the first morning, I was a bit reluctant about the challenge. I read the ingredients, again, and planned the sequence of tasting depending on my “fears”. Let’s say that my test would be 100% honest. 

Matcha (Avocado, kale, matcha)

I was a little bit afraid of this one. First, I’m not a fan of kale and, second, I was not sure about Chlorophyll! I took a first sip: oof! that was okay. I wasn’t in love with its taste, but that was not as bad as I thought it would be. Still, the texture was granular and there was something about its aftertaste. It made me think of the pollen extract capsules my mother would gave me to boost my immune system when I was a child.

Bright Side (Mango, carrot, turmeric)

But mommy is also responsible for my love for carrot juice! Here’s why I was looking forward to try this smoothie. Its orange color brightened my morning! Mango and carrot really mix well and the spicy touch of turmeric has something stimulating.

Upbeet (Mango, beet, goji)

My son winced when I told him I was having beets for breakfast. Beets, combined to the mango, give this smoothie a warm pinkish shade and a delicate and fruity taste. This smoothie has a smooth texture and a lightly sweet touch. Yummy from A to Z.

Strawberry Hill (Banana, strawberry, flax seed)

I saved the easiest for last. The smoothie that was the less atypical. It has a smooth texture; it’s actually the smoothest and the sweetest of the four smoothies (naturally sweetened). My son wanted to try it and after tasted it, he even said he would also start drinking smoothies. 

The verdict

What a great discovery! These two weeks allowed me to create this little colorful ritual that I want to maintain. I also want to mention that these smoothies would give me 10 grams of protein and plenty of essential nutrients that I too often neglect to consume. But, most importantly : my “Dose pause” has stopped my afternoon energy crashes! It’s easier for me to complete my day, physically and mentally.

Dose juice strawberry Hill smoothie

And, what a coincidence: I realized these smoothies are also good for my teenager who lives with a genetic disease that compels her to have a strict diet. Recently, her nutritionist told her to try smoothies for breakfast, choose plant-based milk and calculate her protein intake. I gave her half of one Strawberry Hill bottle and she loved it! Yessss! This will make our morning routine easier and she’ll have something to drink before school. No more excuses to skip breakfast!

If I resumed these two weeks with one word, I’d say: pleasant!

I was charmed by these smoothies, and by Dose. I now trade my morning coffee for a plant-based protein smoothie without hesitation! 

PS: I just got back, a bit exhausted, from a wonderful camping trip. Three days full of swimming, sun and forest… but where nights were too short. I’m now back to my Dose pause this morning; I need a little boost!

By Chrystelle Pasquet


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